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Self Managed Super Funds by Arbitrans Accounting

The main advantage of this type of fund is that you can invest in whatever you decide is the best investment. This could be property, shares, or the purchase of an income producing asset. The difference is that you choose the asset rather than the faceless men of the super companies.

One of the biggest tax advantages we bring to clients is salary sacrifice. This is where certain (approved) expenses are taken from your gross pay before tax is applied. You pay less tax and as a direct result, your take home portion of your pay increases. Salary sacrifice can be applied to super funds. Depending on your age, the net tax benefit can be enormous.

SMSF’s are cheap to set up and easy to maintain. We are a one stop shop in regard to this type of investment.

Arbitrans Accounting; at your service.

NOTE: All taxation advice and taxation matters are handled by our Registered Tax Agent Wayne Parsonage.


Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF’s) are growing in popularity. Basically a self managed fund is an investment pool that you manage,
which has the restrictions of a conventional superannuation fund.